Card Counting Method In Blackjack

An average player who spends some time mastering the card counting technique can strip the casino of the small house edge it has in blackjack.

Card counting allows the player to keep track of the ratio of high-value cards to low-value cards remaining in the deck. The reason for doing this is that high-value cards benefit the player, while low-value cards benefit the dealer.

Being able to count the cards in a blackjack game can provide you with more accurate information about the cards that are still in the deck so that you can function with the odds of receiving a card that is useful to your hand.

Card Counting History

In 1962, a mathematics teacher named Edward O. Thorpe revolutionized the approach to blackjack when he published his book “Beat the Dealer.” Thorpe used a supercomputer at MIT to conduct tests that simulated the game of blackjack when a card counting system was applied.

His book was the first time that anyone could mathematically prove that a player can overcome the casino’s small house edge in blackjack, using card counting.

Card counting in royal casinos

A player does not have to be a math genius to count cards. This is the reason why many people have tried to apply card counting to their blackjack games.

Additionally, casinos have been known to take players suspected of counting cards to verify their identity to a back room in the casino and inform them that they are no longer welcome at blackjack tables. In the past, backrooms were the places where bullies taught players a lesson.

You don’t have to go to the back room. Tell the casino official that if you are suspected of a crime, they should call the police and that if they do not want you on the premises, they may ask you to leave. The casino has no legal right to stop you without the participation of police officials.

Card counting in online casino

Blackjack games in online casinos are based on software. The software uses a random number generator to regulate the game, and the cards are shuffled after each hand so that no cards are removed from the deck. When you play 6-deck blackjack, in each round, you will play all 6 decks, unlike in real casinos, where the cards from the previous round are removed from the game, and the game continues with only the cards left in the shoe.

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